United Suppliers, Inc. has teamed up
with AgriFarm Group
as the sole marketer for AgriMend in the Midwest.

Located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, AgriMend is the result of a truly unique geological formation. This deposit is a one of a kind combination of geothermal, marine and fresh water intrusions. Over millions of years geological events acted as a "pressure cooker" transforming nutrients into a highly soluble reactive mineral labelled a "gypsiferious evaporite".

AgriMend Features:

  • Unmatched solubility- 30% in 24 hours
  • Granulated for easy application
  • Enhanced with beneficial secondary nutrients
  • Certified for organic production (CDFA, WSDA)

AgriMend Application:

  • Combats soil sodium
  • Improves water use efficiency
  • Improves soil flocculation
  • Great source of plant available calcium and micronutrients

AgriMend can be broadcast, blended, drilled at planting, or utilized in prescription compost.

AgriMend Handout

Safety Data Sheet


AgriMend Label WSDA Organic

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