Research & Test Results

2012: South Dakota Dryland Corn Results

2010: Considering Chloride for Wheat

2010: Identifying Rust Diseases in Wheat and Barley (KSU)

2007: South Dakota Spring Wheat Results

2007: North Central Kansas Wheat Results (KSU)

2007: Kansas Wheat Returns

2007: KSU Wheat Results

2007: South Dakota Dryland Corn

2006: South Dakota Dryland Corn

2006: South Dakota Sunflower

2006: Chloride Effects on Kansas Wheat Yield

2004-2006: Grain Sorghum 3-year Study

Chloride Fertilization Increases Yields of Corn and Grain Sorghum
By Dr. Ray Lamond, Dr. Vic Martin, Mr. Collin Olsen, and Mr. Kirby Rector
Better Crops/Vol. 84 (2000, No. 4)

The Effect of Chloride Fertilizer and Foliar Fungicides on Leaf Rust and Yield in Winter Wheat
By Travis D. Miller, Professor and Extension Agronomist
Texas Agricultural Extension Service

Chloride Fertilization Bumps Wheat Yields, Profits
by Dr. R.E. Lamond, David D. Roberson, Kirby Rector
Fluid Journal

Chloride Is Important For Balanced Nutrition of Wheat
From Agronomists of the Potash & Phosphate Institute (PPI)

Chloride in Kansas: Plant, Soil, and Fertilizer Considerations
Ray E. Lamond, Extension Agronomy Specialist Soil Fertility and Soil Management &
Dale F. Leikam, Extension Agronomy Specialist Nutrient Management
Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service
MF-2570, December 2002 Open in new browser window: www.oznet.ksu.edu

Chloride: An Opportunity to Increase Profitability
By Dr. Larry Murphy, President, Murphy Agro

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